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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility comes in many shapes and sizes for different every company. Global, political, social standards, etc. are constantly changing and and we are dedicated to keeping up with these changes in order to create platforms that our users can feel comfortable using.


Gemify was founded with the goal of building a workplace that would allow us to take care of our employees and users first. We believe that it is important that our employees feel both comfortable and challenged in their roles. We are constantly looking for ways to simplify and automate our processes to deliver balanced workloads to each of our people. We wish to do away with the term work-life balance in favor for work-life integration. Your life is the priority and work should happen around - not the other way around. Over time we hope to increase our management's efficiency to challenge the standardized 40 hour work week and progressively decrease this in an effort to give our people the opportunity to enjoy their time the way they want.


While most software company's carbon footprints and impacts on the environment may be inherently low, we are constantly looking for ways to challenge ourselves and our competitors to do better. It is our promise to be environmentally aware by making informed decisions about how we do business and who we do business with.

B Corporation

We are dedicated to meeting B Corporation Standards and hope to apply by the end of 2020. We think that using our extra resources in favor of supporting our employees, users, communities, etc. is far more important than the bottom line. To learn more about B Corporations and why they matter click below.