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Emerald compiles reports from a variety of sources in order to hold business entities accountable for Environmental, Social, and Governance related issues. The history of business relationships are tracked to identify issues where organizations try to hide negative influences. Organizations and brands are ranked by our communities in order to inform users of more ethical alternatives.

Inform quickly

Emerald contains crowdsourced info on the brands you want to learn more about. Our users and our system aggregates info from credible sources to provide you with the most relevant information.

Have a say

Your opinions matter and are important to the success of Emerald. Giving our users the ability to govern the features that we add and the systems that we use is key to an application that relies on transparency.

Educate others

Whenever you submit information to Emerald, you are taking a stand against poor business practices in hopes of educating others and pressuring organization to act more ethically.