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Building thoughtful tools for communities that need it
Gemify provides technology that empowers users looking to develop and program. We want to encourage businesses and teams of any size to gain the knowledge necessary to be successful and make an impact.
Tools that make it easy to research, design, and program

Building tools for novice game designers, researchers, programmers has never been easier.

Gemify provides documentation and a web based game engine that allow users to learn basic to expert level programming and design techniques.

Gain the skills necessary to learn how to program today. Sign up or subscribe today to gain access to our latest documentation and additional goodies.

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Solutions rooted in code and design
As the technology continues to grow and advance, Gemify aims to bridge the gap for those with non-linear career paths

Simple documentation

Our documentation is drafted by engineers and reviewed by usability experts to ensure that it is as easy to understand for new reserchers, programmers and developers as possible. As our ecosystems continue to grow and expand so will our documentation and the exampltes that we provide to help you get started.

Community Support

We actively maintain and manage our community portal that helps you connect with other developers to help you get the most out of you learning experience. Developing and designing games can often be tricky.

Mainting open-source

We believe in software that is sharable. While, we offer non-downloadable solutions that users can quickly access when visiting our website. We also contribute to open-source projects that you can download and use at any time as well!